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Why Travel Ethiopia

Travel Ethiopia

...And be Seven Years Younger!

Our Travel Legacy

Welcome to Travel Ethiopia, where your journey will take you to a land where time stands still. Our country is unique in many ways, including our calendar, which is 7 years behind the rest of the world. With more than two decades of experience (in business since 1994), we know how to make you feel younger at the end of your trip. While we can’t promise to reverse all seven years, we can guarantee that the combination of our expertise in the Ethiopian tourist sector and the richness of Ethiopia’s human and natural diversity will make for a truly rewarding experience. At Travel Ethiopia, we have made it our mission to provide our clients with nothing but the highest quality service. So why not join us on a journey that will not only leave you feeling rejuvenated, but also enlightened, inspired, and deeply satisfied? Contact us today to start planning your adventure.


semien mountains
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You are about to travel to an incredibly rewarding travel destination with plenty to see and do, from the cosmopolitan restaurants and art galleries of Addis  Ababa to the medieval rock-cut churches of Lalibela.  Before you can experience its wonders, however, you need to acquaint yourself  with the practical side of Ethiopian travel – for example, visa requirements, vaccinations and managing your finance.

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During my stay in Ethiopia, I had the opportunity to travel to many many corners of Ethiopia. And on every occasion we contacted Travel Ethiopia. They are a wonderful company. On every occasion they have passed our expectations.
I have travelled with Travel Ethiopia on 3 separate occasions. And I had the chance to see a great deal of the country in the company of expert guides. The top things I have taken away from choosing to work with Travel Ethiopia is that my trip will go without a hitch when I travel with them. And I will also be in the company of people that can actually bring the country and its history to life for me.

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