Finding of the True Cross 26th of September


The Eve of the religious festival “Meskel” called ”Demera” will be the highlight of this particular tour. Held on the 26th of September in Meskel Square, Addis Ababa, it serves as a remembrance to the day the crucifix of Jesus Christ was unearthed by Saint Helen. It is said that after the crucifix had been buried through tons of rubbish, she incinerated a certain area of that pile, where the smoke from that burning carnage lea her to the exact location of the crucifix. As a commemoration and symbolization of that feat, followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church will light a bonfire in the square. On top of that bonfire will be placed a cross made from “Adey Abeba” yellow seasonal flowers only found during the period of this festivity.

Genna 7th of January


The Ethiopian Orthodox Church follows the Gregorian calendar as opposed to the Julian calendar that Western civilizations or most parts of the world follow. Therefore, not is it only seven years younger, however, holidays also fall on different dates than that of the Julian calendar. Christmas or “Genna” is no exception to that. While, in most countries, it falls on the 25th of December, in Ethiopia it is celebrated on the 7th of January.  The focal point of this tour will be the Christmas Eve and Christmas celebration held in Lalibela. The ceremony will be held at Bete Mariam Chruch, where chants will be held by deacons and priests throughout the night. At midnight, long orange candles called “twaf” made from honey wax will be lit at midnight to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. At sunrise, chants will continue up to 9 am.

The Jordan of Ethiopia - January 16


What started out as the grand swimming pool of Emperor Fasiladses, now known as the Fasiledes Bath, symbolizes the holy waters of the river Jordan, Israel where Jesus Christ was baptized. The Timket (Epiphany) festival held in Gondar will be the high point of this tour. On the Eve January 18th, called “Ketera” priests from all around will gather and march, parading the “Tabots” replicas of the Ark of the Covenant towards the “Tabot Maderia” located at the Fasiledes Bath to spend the night. The following morning, after the waters have been blessed, followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church will bathe in the large pool of Holy water to commemorate the baptism of Jesus Christ.

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