Thus the Mursi are known by their lip plates and the Ari by their women’s grass skirts. The Dorze, on the other hand, are characterized by their igloo-like one-piece house woven from bamboo.

people of south

The Bena and Hamer inhabit the high ground on the approaches to the Omo and are more committed agriculturists. They are perhaps the most captivating groups both by their physical appearance and friendly spirit.

The Karo and the Tsemaye (who are further to the east and share the Weyto River Valley with the Erbore or Hor) are the smallest and most threatened groups, their numbers not exceeding 1,000 households each.

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Welcome to Ethiopia- an ancient wonderland with rich cultural traditions, architectural remains, natural beauty and enormously hospitable people. Ethiopia has a history of over 3,000 years, which has been preserved in a remarkable manner. Only in Ethiopia will you find yourself dramatically transported back in time through the participation in sacred rituals of an archaic faith. The rock-hew churches of Lalibela and the obelisks of Axum are known worldwide for their architectural beauty and mesmerizing history, giving you a glimpse of one of the greatest empire in history

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