Here is the largest expanse of Afro-alpine moorlands in the world. The alpine scenery and the relative ease with which one can explore this 2,200-km2 park and see the many birds and animals that are unique to Ethiopia is the main attraction of the Bale Mountains. Even Tullo Deemtu, Ethiopia’s second highest mountain at 4,377 meters, can be reached easily by anyone with the interest.

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As a highly mountainous country having been described as the ‘Switzerland of Africa,’ Ethiopia is a geographical anomaly in a continent dominated by flat lands. It accounts, for example, for 80% of all land in Africa above 4,000 meters. This coupled with it being in the tropics has endowed it with vast stretches of unique Afro-alpine ecosystems. Giant-erica-harenna-forest - Bale Mountains national park

Some 300 km east of the Omo, Nech Sar embraces the eastern shores of the two southernmost of Ethiopia’s Rift Valley Lakes, Abaya and Chamo. The park was established as a sanctuary for the endangered endemic Swayne’s Hartebeest. But no less than 84 mammal and 343 bird species have also been recorded in the park.

With an area of 2,162 km2 and at 770 km from Addis Abeba, Mago National Park is one of the relatively more accessible and thus more frequented parks because it offers a combination of great camping environment, game viewing and tribal people close by. Mago lies opposite the Omo National Park on the eastern bank of the river.

This is the remotest, least developed, and so least accessible and the largest (3,450 km2) of Ethiopia’s national parks. It is also the most plentiful of the usual African big game with a great variety of bird species. The park occupies the southern west bank of the Omo River.

No place for hyperbole’s here. No need to resort to over-worked adjectives. For the sights of the Semien are genuinely and universally awe-inspiring — forcing all simply to contemplation.

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Awash National Park is located 220 km (136 miles) east of Addis with an area of 837 sq. km. With its southern boundary alongside the Awash River, this park is mostly made up of acacia woodland and grassland. This park contains nearly 50 large mammals and 400 bird species, which is characteristic of a dry thorn scrub ecosystem. Here, you can also find palm-lined, shimmering, aquamarine hot spring pool and the Fenralae Volcano with steaming fumaroles.

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