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To address this issue, Travel Ethiopia supports two organizations. One of them is OMO CHILD


OMO CHILD rescues and cares for Mingi children from the Omo Valley tribal region of Southwest Ethiopia. Tribal leaders declare children to be Mingi if they grow their top teeth before their bottom teeth, or if they have a chipped baby tooth. Since 2008, many of the tribes of the remote Omo Valley in Southwest Ethiopia live a peaceful and pastoral lifestyle. However, fear and superstition still exist in the valley. Some of the tribes believe evil spirits or a “curse” will bring ill fortune (drought, famine, disease and death) to their villages if Mingi children are not sacrificed.

Because tribal elders believe Mingi children’s presence on the land curses the tribe, they have mandated the killing of all Mingi children. The practice was recently abandoned by the Kara tribe, due to the efforts of NGOs such as LaleLabuko and OMO CHILD. Unfortunately, however, Mingi children continue to be prosecuted by the Hamer tribe.

Our trip to OMO CHILD was unforgettable! We had the excursion with 7 American clients last September. Sandra Colony was the tour leader and owner of the company called Personalized Odyssey. Locally, they were guided by Travel Ethiopia’s escort guide Endy.

The group had a 15 days stay within Ethiopia, which included visits to the north and the south of Ethiopia. After travelling for more than a week, we arrived at the OMO CHILD orphanage at 3pm on Monday 10, October, 2016. Our group, after hearing about the prosecution of the Mingi children, decided to visit and give presents to the children in the OMO CHILD orphanage. The friendly atmosphere and the games we played with the kids really made the long distance we drove worthwhile. We were also very touched when we received a warm welcome from all the staff members of the orphanage. All the kids were very eager play and communicated with the clients. The eyes and smiles of the children have lingered with us for a long time since.

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