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 Samrawit Moges,Mrs Managing Director

 Betelihem Zerihun
Tour Manager

 Hanan Mohammed
Tour Consultant
 Abebech Desta
Tour Consultant & Supervisor
Amelework Dechasa <br/>Secretary Ato Ghirma H.Mariam <br/> Transportation Head   Mesfin Tadesse<br/> Administrator  
 Amelework Dechasa Secretary  Ato Ghirma H.Mariam Transportation Head  Ato Mesfin Tadesse Administrator  
 Beletu G.MicaelFinace Head Eleni Hailu Accountant   Ketsela Mengistu Casher  
 Beletu G.Micael
Finace Head
 Eleni Hailu
 Ketsela Mengistu
 Birhan Argaw Driver Guide  Birhanu Hailu Driver Guide Fikir Mekonnen Driver Guide  Seyoum Kebede Driver Guide 
 Birhan Argaw
Driver Guide
 Birhanu Hailu
Driver Guide
 Fikir Mekonnen
Driver Guide
 Seyoum Kebede
Driver Guide
 Tigistu Dinku Driver Guide Ashenafi Sileshi Senior Guide   Ato Assefa Ayele Senior Guide  Elias Alemayehu Senior Guide
 Tigistu Dinku
Driver Guide
 Ashenafi Sileshi
Senior Guide
 Ato Assefa Ayele
Senior Guide
 Elias Alemayehu
Senior Guide
 Abebe Kiros Driver Asrat Eshete Driver  Behaylu Shimeles Driver  Shiferawi Meshesha Driver 
 Abebe Kiros
 Asrat Eshete
 Behaylu Shimeles
 Shiferawi Meshesha

Welcome to Travel Ethiopia

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Travel Ethiopia is a private, eco-minded tour and safari operator established in 1994. Its vast experience allows Travel Ethiopia to introduce the traveler to the myriad facets of Ethiopia’s past and present. Its two directors have extensive experience in tourism. Samrawit Moges has directed tours throughout the country since 1981.

Thomas Mattanovich has been traveling around Ethiopia since the late 1960s, taking visitors to the remotest areas. Born in the former Yugoslavia, Thomas came to Ethiopia at the age of 13. An Ethiopian citizen, he speaks 3 Ethiopian and 6 European languages. Both Samrawit and Thomas have a deep commitment to Ethiopia’s environment, wildlife and community development.

They also pay a particular attention to empowering women. Their commitment to the development of the local community is manifested through the establishment of Bilen Lodge along the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia, in the Afar region, 290 km from the capital city. Bilen Lodge has created employment for 25 local residents in Afar. Through consultation and discussions with the elders of the local community, early marriage and other negative traditional practices have been visibly minimized. Furthermore, a certain percentage of profits from the lodge along with some levy on visitors go to projects which are prioritized as useful by the community. The funds from the lodge also support a nearby local school.

Travel Ethiopia has a team of experienced and dedicated staff. The guides are highly qualified and multi-lingual, while the coordinators have extensive knowledge of the country. Travel Ethiopia also has a modern fleet for remote regions and up- to-date camping gears which adds to its smooth tour operation. This allows Travel Ethiopia to provide its visitors with a wonderful trip at a competitive rate. The main activity of Travel Ethiopia is to guide and organize tours and safaris for local and foreigner visitors within Ethiopia, including sightseeing and educational trips on historic sites, ethnicities, folklore, fauna and flora and scientific research trips performed by the specialized staff members of our company.


To be the leading tour operator in Ethiopia, known for our reliable and high-quality service and customer satisfaction.


To provide high standard services to our clients, allowing them to have a unique experience and taste of Ethiopia, its intact culture, rich history and natural environment through our motivated and well-experienced team.


  • Authentic experiences
  • Innovative
  • Interactive itineraries
  • Competitive rate
  • Flexibility
  • Accountability
  • Quality service
  • Efficiency
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Women empowerment
  • Responsible tourism

Other services we provide include:

  • Tours and Safaris (established routes or tailor-made to your requirements)
  • Wellness Tour
  • Hotel and Lodge booking
  • Camping equipment and car rental
  • International and domestic air ticket booking and itinerary planning
  • Meet and assist services and airport transfers
  • Processing of visas
  • Organizing conference

While we cannot guarantee the whole 7 years or any permanent effects, traveling with Travel Ethiopia and the combination of our special knowledge and Ethiopia’s range of human and natural diversity will be an enriching experience.

You will certainly feel younger by the end of your trip. We are associated with prominent tour operators in Europe and over the past years we have has hosted several VIP clients including a group of 150 members of the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem, New York, lead by the Rev. Calvin O. Butts III in September 2007 and in February 2012 88 VIP group of TCS & Star quest Expeditions.

Message From The Directors

samrawit moges travel ethiopia team

Selam! Travel Ethiopia welcomes you to Ethiopia!

Ethiopia is a unique country, where you will find a harmonious blend of culture, nature, cuisine, arts and architecture brimming with unlimited number of fun and frolic. Ethiopia attracts people from all walks of the life. It offers myriad of travel activities ranging from adventures like the jaggedly carved Simien Mountains, a UNESCO heritage site, to Danakil Depression, which is the lowest and hottest place on earth and is said to be a geological marvel with more than 30 active and dormant volcanoes. Ethiopia is also known for its rock-hew churches of Lalibela and the obelisks of Axum, which are renowned for their architectural beauty and mesmerizing history, giving you glimpse of one of the greatest empire in history.

Travel Ethiopia is a private eco-minded tour and safari operator, working since 1994. Our vast experience and dedicated, professional staff allow us to introduce our clients to countless natural, cultural and historical facets of Ethiopia, which is unmatched elsewhere. We offer various packages at very reasonable rates and propose ideal arrangements after carefully studying the needs of our clients. Through our admirable services and concern for our client’s safety and comfort, we take tremendous joy in promoting and showcasing this mysterious land to our visitors. We have no doubt that you will make the most of your travels and have an exceptional experience by choosing Travel Ethiopia.

As a member of the responsible tourism network, Travel Ethiopia also tries to minimize negative, social, economic and environmental impacts and generates economic benefits for local communities. Travel Ethiopia is especially committed to contributing to women’s empowerment in Ethiopia. Travel Ethiopia became an example for others in the tourism sector in Ethiopia by being the first tour agency to hire permanent female guides. We also have numerous initiatives to minimize damages to the environment and wildlife. This allows our clients to travel responsibly, without the worry of causing destruction to local cultures, environment and economy.

Thank you for viewing our website regarding your proposed tour and travel needs in Ethiopia. We look forward to the opportunity to offer you our quality services. While Travel Ethiopia cannot guarantee that you will indeed become seven years younger; traveling with Travel Ethiopia will ensure that you will have a fascinating experience, in the land enriched with cultural and natural diversity. By the end of your trip, you might certainly feel younger due to your enriched experience.

Why Travel Ethiopia?

  • Our dedication as a travel conscious team
  • Promptness in communications
  • Our attention to details

We Provide

  • Tours and Safaris
  • Wellness Tour
  • Hotel and Lodge booking
  • Camping equipment and car rental
  • International and domestic air ticket
  • Meet and assist services and airport transfers
  • Processing of visas
  • Organizing conference

Our Logo

travel ethiopia logo

Horses and horsemanship were so important in the life of an Ethiopian that even kings used to be referred to by their horse names. To the common man, his horse was not simply a beast of burden, but also a loyal comrade in the heat of battle. As a country with a history of frequent conflict and wars, Ethiopian emperors used to rule from roving tent camps. Their seat of power was always on the move with no permanent abode. Their hardy breed of donkeys, mules and horses made this possible. Through its emblem, Travel Ethiopia reveals its loyalty, reliability and unfaltering service to its clients. As to your being younger by seven years, the beauty and hospitality of the ancient wonderland as well as our unique Julian calendar will take care of that. Therefore, it is all this, and more that Travel Ethiopia’s logo of a mounted horse with eyes set on the horizon invokes.

About us

Welcome to Ethiopia- an ancient wonderland with rich cultural traditions, architectural remains, natural beauty and enormously hospitable people. Ethiopia has a history of over 3,000 years, which has been preserved in a remarkable manner. Only in Ethiopia will you find yourself dramatically transported back in time through the participation in sacred rituals of an archaic faith.

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Our Address

Ayat Apartment ground and first Floor

Walking Distance from UNECA, Guinea Conakry Street
Addis Ababa  Ethiopia
Po.Box. 9438
Office:   +251 115 52 54 78

Email:  info@travelethiopia.com